Projection Mapping / Blender 3D / After Effects

Technological haunted house commissioned by the city of Eugene for downtown Halloween event, Hollows’ Eve. Using 3D software, crafted a structure similar in form and contour as the building to be projected on. Integrated textures and surreal imagery onto the building, mapping these videos to the actual contour of the building with projectors, creating a surreal technological experience.

* P A G E  M A Y  N E E D  A  F E W  M O M E N T S  T O  L O A D  T O  P R O P E R  F R A M E R A T E *

crazy linesscan lineHollows Eve Highlights_2_2bug under rugHollows Eve HighlightsHollows Eve Highlights_2Slime PinkHollows Eve Highlights_1