.04 Immersive



Hollows’ Eve
3D Projection Mapping | 3D Animation | Installation

3D projection mapping on Broadway Center Building, downtown Eugene. Commissioned by the city for halloween event Hollow’s Eve. Technological haunted house. Recreated surface of building in 3D and rendered graphics in out to be projected back on to building to create a technologically surreal illusion of a warped building. Concept, Animation, Design, & Projection Mapping by Clone.

First Contact
Holographic Projection Mapping | 2D & 3D Animation | Live Audiovisual VJ | Stage Design

A Sci-Fi live VJ performance with original motion graphics. Concept, Animation, Design, Projection Mapping, Installation and live VJ performance by Clone. Video Credit: John Park

BEAM Art & Light Festival
Holographic Projection Mapping | Audiovisual Installation | Stage Design

Dystopian 10-minute audiovisual narrative, original audio mix and motion graphics. Hand-created 8ft Circle and holographic screen. Concept, Animation, Design, Projection Mapping, VJ and Screen by Clone. Photo Credit: Athena Delene.

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