Depression Filter

UI / UX / Interactive Data Visualization / Javascript

Processing (Javascript PDE)

According to a recent study published in Clinical Psychological Science, there are certain markers in one’s speech that may indicate symptoms of clinical depression and suicidal ideation.

The research found an increased use of first person pronouns, reduced use of second and third person pronouns and significantly high use of absolutist wording, i.e. ‘Never’, ‘Always’, ‘Nobody’. The language can indicate that one is more focused on themselves, less connected with others, and perceives the world in a black and white manner.

Building upon this research, The Depression Filter is an algorithm designed to sift out users on social media based on text analysis. An hour of twitter data, i.e. username, post, and time, is extracted and integrated into the sphere. Each tweet’s transparency starts off at moderate visibility. For every hit in the text analysis algorithm enhances or reduces transparency, visibly extracting comments and users that are more likely to be suffering.

*P A G E  M A Y  N E E D  A  F E W  M O M E N T S  T O  L O A D  T O  P R O P E R  F R A M E R A T E*



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